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Eikona is a mobile, worldwide treasure hunt powered by Augmented Reality and GeoFigs, our Solana NFTs. We are determined to connect the crypto and non-crypto currency communities to engage outside in adventures around the globe on the hunt for not only GeoFigs, but many of your other favorite Solana NFT's as well!
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Our mission with charity

According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer-related deaths are expected to rise from 9.5 to 16.4 million by 2040. In light of this, 10% of the proceeds from our initial drop will be donated to the American Cancer Society to fund research initiatives to improve cancer patient outcomes. Additionally, to show our support for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, we have decided to omit a hair attribute on our figurines.


GeoFigs are a unique collection of 10,000 randomly generated 3D generated NFTs. Within the Eikona app, they will be able to be placed somewhere in the world tagged by geolocation. The owner of that GeoFig can then declare a hunt for members of the community to follow along the GeoFig by figuring out clues and riddles for users to follow. If the end of the quest is reached and the GeoFig is found, there will be rewards for the seekers and hiders including but not limited to a stash of NFT’s to be able to choose one from. This will become more defined as we want the incentivization behind the ecosystem to be molded to both the community’s intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.
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Mint & Pricing

We decided to release our GeoFigs in waves, with a better average price the earlier wave you mint, to reward our earliest supporters/backers. With each wave, we invest the SOL we earned back into the project’s mission. The pre-mint will consist of 4 waves to release our first 1000 GeoFigs with 330 opportunities to become members of the Eikona DAO:

  • money signSOLD OUT Wave #1: 1 SOL = 5 Geofigs - 200 GeoFigs Available - 40 Spots
  • money signSOLD OUT Wave #2: 1 SOL = 4 Geofigs - 200 GeoFigs Available - 50 Spots
  • money signWave #3: 1 SOL = 3 Geofigs - 240 GeoFigs Available - 80 Spots
  • money signWave #4: 1 SOL = 2 Geofigs - 360 GeoFigs Available - 160 Spots
  • money signPublic Mint: 0.75 SOL = 1 Geofig - 10,000 GeoFigs Available
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Below are some commonly asked questions whether you are a veteran or new to the NFT community. If your question isn't listed below, please feel free to contact us via our Twitter and Discord buttons above and shoot us a message! Also you can email us at eikona.geofigs@gmail.com
I've never 'minted' anything before. How can I make sure I am ready to make a purchase upon release?

To purchase any amount of GeoFigs, you will need some SOL. $SOL can be purchased through exchanges such as Coinbase or FTX and then sent to a supported wallet (we reccomend the chrome extension: Phantom Wallet)

If you have questions on how to setup a Phantom Wallet. Checkout this video.

How can I guarentee myself a spot in the Premint sales?

The best way to ensure your spot in one of the Premint sales would be to follow us on our twitter and join our discord server for the most frequent updates. We will also be adding a countdown timer to the mint button at the top of the page.

When do I get to see a demo or Proof of concept?

Our team here at Eikona is working dilligently to produce both a promotional video showcasing the project, and POC's on mobile devices. We are staying up to date on Apple's ARKit for not only use on mobile phones, but the upcoming Apple Glass.

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